dARTS Theater


The dARTS Theater PT-5000-MON-C is a medium format, reference monitor cinema speaker in centre channel speaker orientation. This speaker requires 3 amplifier channels.

Product Description

Predictable Precision – dARTS digital theater is the most cinema true sound reproduction home system on the market today. dARTS Theater (Digital Audio Reference Theater System) speakers are perfectly calibrated at the factory, then calibrated again to your specific room. The result ensures true sound perfection, regardless of the room’s acoustics. You’ve never heard movies and music sound so precise!

dARTS Theater is an all-digital system that includes an intelligent amplifier that precisely calibrates the speakers’ performance and is the most precise and predictable speaker system you can own. Each speaker driver in the system is custom tuned to match within 0.5 dB of each other and every dARTS system is calibrated and aligned to a reference performance level. The systems minimum SPL (loudness) is 105db in the listening area – that’s loud, precise, and clear.

Once installed, our customized version of Audyssey® MultEQ® room calibration software takes over and the specific sonic footprint of the room is taken out of the equation. MultEQ® corrects room anomalies to achieve the perfected “reference” listening experience in any room, providing a precise, acoustic performance matching the sonic quality of a precision-tuned movie theater.

Additional Resources

In case of any questions about that product please Contact Us.

In case of any questions about that product please Contact Us.

In case of any questions about that product please Contact Us.

About the Brand

dARTS Digital Theater, a member of the MSE Audio family, is an American brand specialising in high performance cinema speakers and audio amplifiers. dARTS system approach ensures that the speakers perform perfectly in the real world just as they did when they were designed.