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The Stealth Acoustics LRx85 is a reference format 3 way dual module invisible speaker with a solid radiating front panel featuring advanced carbon fibre materials, dual 8” woofers and integrated protection circuits.

Stealth Acoustics LRX85
Product Description

The Stealth Acoustics LRx85 utilises Stealth’s proprietary Quad Balanced Mid Range drive system coupled to the solid-front radiating surface incorporating advanced carbon fibre materials, which ensures clear mid range and smooth treble to 20kHz.

The LRx85 features dual 8” woofers mounted in a separate module which provides capable bass frequency response as low as 45Hz and high power handling of up to 300W RMS.

The LRx85 contains three independent protection circuits (high-frequency, mid-frequency and low-frequency sections) that automatically reset upon reduction of excessive amplifier power.

Product Versions
  • STH-LRX85 – Stealth Acoustics reference format, three way invisible speaker (dual 8″ woofer) – Pair
  • STH-LRX85S – Stealth Acoustics reference format, three way invisible speaker (dual 8″ woofer) – Single
  • STH-LRX85-ACT – Stealth Acoustics reference format, three way invisible active speaker (dual 8″ woofer) and SA2400 amplifier – Single
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About the Brand

Stealth Acoustics is an American brand specialising in invisible speakers, audio amplifiers, concealment solutions and accessories. With Stealth Acoustics you don’t have to sacrifice quality to have a discrete system that compliments your living space.