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Prometheus 3 Cinema at Home Projector


The Barco Prometheus 3 is a three chip DLP projector with very powerful laser illumination, 4K resolution and comes with full DCI compatibility and choice of high MTF lenses using all glass elements.

Product Description

The Prometheus 3 uses an extremely powerful Laser module that delivers very high brightness and accurate colour rendition.

The Prometheus 3 offers a high output of up to 15000 lumens which is combined with very high contrast and exceptional colour rendition in excess of the DCI P3 colour space standard required for DCI compatibility.

The Prometheus 3 uses exceptional all glass lenses which deliver very high contrast and sharpness and enables a vertical lens shift of up to 50% – enough for the projector to be mounted in line with the top of the image area without the need for keystone correction. The lenses available with the projector support a throw range from 1.55‑7.46:1. Optional lenses extend this range from 0.43‑11.00.

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Projection Lenses

4K Cinema at Home Series – Lens Option

  • BAR-4K-LENS-1 – 4K Cinema at Home Lens 1 (1.13-1.72)
  • BAR-4K-LENS-2 – 4K Cinema at Home Lens 2 (1.35-1.86)
  • BAR-4K-LENS-3 – 4K Cinema at Home Lens 3 (1.46-2.1)
  • BAR-4K-LENS-4 – 4K Cinema at Home Lens 4 (1.65-2.6)
  • BAR-4K-LENS-5 – 4K Cinema at Home Lens 5 (2.0-3.35)

Calibration Equipment

  • BAR-QALIF – Qalif Spectro Barco Residential model

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About the Brand

Barco Residential is a Global brand specialising in high performance projectors, projector lamps, projector lenses and accessories. Barco Residential brings the pinnacle of image technology to the high-end home environment.